Based in both France and Switzerland, Caroline Bernard and Damien Guichard initiated the Lili range le chat collective over 10 years ago. Their works are often the result of travel or the exploration of a territory, whether onsite or distant. They are interested in new forms of writing and filming generated by the rise of connected filming and shared video. Using contemporary tools for image capture such as webcams situated in urban space or GPS, they sample factual data from their environment in order to elevate them to a poetical dimension and give rise to unseen plastic art. Their work has been presented in many countries as part of exhibitions, conferences and workshops (in Japan, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Brazil, Ireland, Switzerland, France, etc.).

Caroline Bernard is a former scientific contributor to the Geneva University of Art and Design (Haute école d’art et de design – HEAD) in Switzerland. She has been teaching at the Vevey School of Applied Arts (École supérieure d’arts appliqués (CEPV) de Vevey) in Switzerland since 2007. Starting in 2015, she will give lectures at the Arles National School of Photography (École nationale supérieure de la photographie d’Arles). She is also an associate professor of the School of Visual and Media Arts (école des arts visuels et médiatiques – EAVM) at the University of Montreal (UQAM, CA). A graduate of the University of Paris 8, she holds a PhD in Aesthetics, Sciences and Technologies of Arts, specialized in Plastic Arts and Photography.

Damien Guichard is also a graphic designer. He was a professor at the Vevey School of Photography from 2007 to 2009 and took part in research projects with the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD). Together they actively participate in Chemins de Traverse, a Geneva-based NGO dedicated to research on new forms of citizen activism.

Campus Exhibition, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria, collective exhibition
Jacques Kaufmann, Clayarch Museum, Gimhae, South Corea (solo exhibition of the artiste)
The Blending and Interaction Of Civilization at The National Art Museum Of China, Bejing, China, with Jacques Kaufmann, exposition collective
The Day After Yesterday,  Taro Nasu gallery, Tokyo, Japan, with Michiko Tsuda (solo exhibition of the artiste)

> Hangzhou International Contemporary Ceramic Biennale Exhibition 2014, China Academy of Art Gallery, Hangzhou, China, organized by the China Academy of Art, November 20th-December 7th, 2014, with Jacques Kaufmann, collective exhibition
Cartographie et géolocalisation (Mapping and geolocation), round table, OBSin 2014, Marseille, France
>  Films géodésiques et mensurations de la Terre (Geodesic films and earth’s measurements), conferenceCollecter, Cataloguer, Cartographier (Collect, Catalogue, Map) international symposium, I.R.A.M, C.I.E.R.E.C, St-Etienne, November 27th, 2014
> Le Réel comme matière plastique: caméras et continuum spatio-temporel (Reality as plastic: cameras and space-time continuum), conference, L’Imprimerie, Lausanne, CH, June 3rd, 2014

> ICI (International Cultural Speakers), UQAM, conference, Montreal, CA, March 6th, 2013
> Géodésie (Geodesy),  solo exhibition, B-312 Gallery, Montreal, CA, April 2013
Les enfants de Khnoum (Children of Khnoum), collective exhibition, Ferrari Gallery, Vevey, CH, June-July 2013
> Quartiergraphie (Neighbourhood-Mapping), retrospective publication, l’Éclosoir Editions & la Caravanne des quartiers eventLausanne 2012
Quartiergraphie (Neighbourhood-Mapping), exhibition with the Ethno-graphic collective, Pôle sud, Lausanne, CH, June 2013

Travelling, solo exhibition, espace CHUV, Lausanne, CH, May-June 2012
Six semaines de parallèles confondues (Six Weeks of Merged Parallel Lines), Caroline Bernard, publication, arts&fiction Editions, Lausanne
Quartiergraphie (Neighbourhood-Mapping) 4 exhibitions in the urban space, with the Ethno-graphic collective, Lausanne, May-September 2012

Mediating Placeexhibition with the Manisfest.AR collective, Harbor Gallery, UMass Boston, USA, October 2011
Distributed Collectivesexhibition with the Manisfest.AR collective, Little Berlin Gallery, Philadelphia, USA, July 2011
Dominos: Image Association Game, Common-Room, solo exhibition with Michiko Tsuda, Indonesia

E-magiciens Festival (E-magicians Festival), Valenciennes, FR, conference on the  Migrateurs (Migratory) project, December 2010
> Book contribution: From Split-Screen to Multi-Screen. Spatially distributed video-cinematic narration, publication, supervised by Marcin Sobieszczanski
Eye Am Festivalscreening, New-York, USA, October 2010
Mobilefest Festival, collective exhibition, Rio de Janeiro, BR, May 2010
Holes In Gaps, tissages cinématographiques (Holes In Gaps, cinematographic weavings), solo exhibition, Youkobo Art Space, Tokyo, May 2010, with a conference on May 29th, 2010

Mobilefest Festival, collective exhibition, São Paulo Museum of Image and Sound, BR, November 2009
Festival Ifamyscreening, Tokyo, JP, Excellence Prize for the “Hachioji: Hole in Gap” film
ISEA Festival, Belfast, IR, conference, August 2009

> Version-bêta (Beta version), collective exhibition, Saint Gervais Centre for Contemporary Images, Geneva, CH
Festival Pocket Films (Pocket Films Festival)screening, Centre Pompidou, Paris

Festival Pocket Films (Pocket Films Festival)screening, Tokyo, JP
Festival Pocket Films (Pocket Films Festival)screening, Centre Pompidou, Paris, FR
Films Dominos (Domino Films), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Centre Culturel Français, workshop, film performances with mobile phones

Timephonesworkshop Immédiat (Immediate) postgraduate education, Caroline Bernard and Gwenola Wagon, HEAD, Geneva, CH, performances with several performers recording films using mobile phones, screening at the Pocket Films Festival 2007, Beaubourg Paris, June 2006
Le Portrait (The Portrait)workshop, multimedia designer certificate, Geneva School of Applied Arts, CH, creation of a set of interactive images, May 2006
> The Figure and the Landscapeworkshop, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Caroline Bernard and Gwenola Wagon, interactive film screening in three dimensions, April 2006

Jouable 3 (Playable 3), collective exhibition, National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD), Paris, FR
Festival Art Rock (Art Rock Festival), collective exhibition, St Brieuc, FR
> Version, collective exhibition, Saint Gervais Centre for Contemporary Images, Geneva, CH
Mouvement/Corps/Geste/Unique/Multiple (Movement/Bodies/Gesture/Unique/Multiple)workshop, multimedia designer certificate, Geneva School of Applied Arts CH, creation of a set of interactive images, May 2005

Jouable: art, jeu et interactivité (Playable: art, play and interactivity)publication contribution, Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) Editions, Geneva, CH, Book of the month – May 2004, Daniel Langlois Foundation
> Jouable (Playable) Symposium, Caroline Bernard (conference), Saint Gervais Centre for Contemporary Images, Geneva (Switzerland)
Les Fil-de-féristes (Tightrope Walkers), Paris ENSAD and Paris 8 University student workshop, Double Jeu (Double Game) event, Fratellini Saint-Denis Academy, Paris, FR, shooting performance with automated rail, October 2004
Projection de la vidéo dans un univers en trois dimensions (Video Projection in a Three-Dimensional Universe), postgraduate education workshop , HEAD, Geneva, September 2004

> Jouable 02 (Playable 02), collective exhibition, Doshisha Rohm Memorial Hall, Kyoto JO
> Contre-Courants (Counter Currents), organization of an exhibition cruise on Lake Geneva (Switzerland – France)

> Commissariat et exposante, Jouable 1 (Playable 1), collective exhibition, Geneva HEAD

> Curator and exhibitor, Bon à Découper, collective exhibition, Lausanne, Forum de l’Hôtel de ville, Geneva, Théâtre de la Comédie, CH